Information for Referring Professionals

deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Deep TMS) using Brainsway’s H-coils is a novel development in non-invasive neuromodulation. The unique ability to stimulate deeper neuronal structures than any other commercially available TMS system may seem almost mythical; but Deep TMS is a reality, born of ingenuity, science and engineering.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is delivered using an electromagnetic coil placed against the scalp surface. The coil generates a brief but powerful magnetic field pulses, which pass unimpeded through the scalp and skull and induce an electric field in the brain.

The advantage of dTMS over TMS is that it produces deeper and wider field in the brain which does not miss the important areas to be stimulated for neuromodulation.

The randomized double-blind sham-controlled multicenter trial leading to FDA clearance of the BrainsWay TMS device was conducted globally at 20 sites in the U.S., Israel, Germany and Canada. 

The study included 212 medication-free  patients  with major  depressive disorder who had not received benefit from 1 to 4 antidepressant trials (mean=1.70). Patients were randomly assigned to monotherapy with either active Deep TMS with the H1-coil or sham TMS for a 4-week acute treatment phase followed by a 12-week maintenance phase of bi-weekly treatment.

This clearly shows the superiority of dTMS by week 3, which continued as treatment progressed.